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Choosing the best heating contractor for the installation of your Peninsula and South Bay Area heating system will help put your mind at ease that your new heating system will be installed correctly and continue working efficiently for years. In addition to providing quality heating installation services that you can count on, the professional heating contractors at All Heating & Air Conditioning can provide heating maintenance that will help you maintain and prolong the life of your new heating systems.

If you think it might be time for a new heating system, call All Heating & Air Conditioning. You may want to replace your current heating system with a newer more efficient model, or you might want to try a completely new direction with your heater installation. No matter what system you choose, we'll be happy to help and we will make sure your installation or replacement is completed as quickly as possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Our crew are thoroughly trained in heating installation and have all the necessary equipment to achieve optimal results. We will take every measure to make sure your new heating system is installed properly, and we can explain to you exactly how to maintain your system. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new heating equipment, and we take pride in our full range of HVAC services.

Our heating contractors can provide heating installation for all types of heating systems including furnace installation, central heating installation, wall furnace installation and much more. Our team of contractors are highly experienced and well trained when it comes to providing our clients with proficient heating installations and heating service.

No matter what type of make or model of Mountain View heating system that you choose for your home, you can expect top-notch heating installation and HVAC services. Contact our expert heating contractor in San Jose today for more information on how our heating services can help improve your home comfort.

At All Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Co. all of our technicians are committed to customer service of the highest quality, and will strive to serve you with courtesy and respect. Our HVAC technicians will come to your rescue when you need emergency residential or residential air conditioning repairs. Our technicians are trained to repair a wide variety of HVAC brands.

Our mission is to ensure that each job is completed with professionalism, within budget, and within the time frame you expect. As our customer, your satisfaction is our highest priority. All of our services are guaranteed, and we will continue our services until your satisfaction is met.

We are the heating and furnace maintenance and repair specialists you are looking for to promptly and professionally see to all your heating needs. If your house isn't as warm as it should be, our HVAC professionals are here to help you.

From routine tune-ups on your current heating system to heating repairs, we are the team you will be glad to see for all your heating needs. Contact us today!

High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

When it comes to choosing a new furnace, there are a multitude of options you can choose from. Here in the Bay Area, a furnace is a must when winter rolls around—and at All Heating & Air Conditioning, we install high quality Lennox furnaces.

One important option you have when deciding on a furnace is efficiency. Lennox’s line of gas furnaces are over 90% efficient, making them some of the most efficient furnaces on the market with the lowest emissions!

Lennox Ultra Low Emission Furnaces Explained

Lennox is the first company to manufacture Ultra-Low NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) furnaces. NOx is known for causing respiratory problems—such as wheezing, coughing, colds, bronchitis, and worsened asthma—and is even harmful for vegetation. Lennox Ultra-Low NOx furnaces produce 65% less NOx emissions than standard furnaces and can save you a projected 25% on your heating costs over the course of an average year.

Quantum Coil Technology

Lennox’s Quantum coil technology is a proprietary aluminum alloy exclusive to Lennox that is designed to deliver improved comfort and energy savings. Because our Quantum Coil technology is resistant to corrosion, you’ll experience easier maintenance, better performance, and greater peace of mind for years to come.

Our specialized aluminum alloy doesn’t just reduce the chance of corrosion due to moisture, oxidation, or salt—it’s also a key ingredient in our commitment to sustainability. Because aluminum coils are significantly lighter than traditional copper coils, some of our Quantum coil units can weigh up to 50 pounds less than the traditional copper versions they replace, resulting in significant fuel savings and lower emissions during the shipping process.

Energy Star Qualified

All gas furnaces in the Lennox line with an efficiency of 90% or greater have earned the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR is a government backed symbol used for identifying energy efficient products that can save consumers money along with protecting the environment. By using ENERGY STAR products, we can all reduce greenhouse gases and help preserve valuable energy.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Furnace...

Who: You can buy the best furnace on the market, but if it is installed incorrectly it will not function properly. You will lose efficiency and any savings you were expecting on your utility bills.

Efficiency: The more efficient your furnace, the more savings you can expect to see. Higher efficient units use less energy to heat your home during the heating season.

Fan Motor: Lennox fan motors play a huge role in the overall efficiency of your complete home comfort system. A variable speed fan motor is your most efficient motor, while a standard speed fan motor is a little less efficient. The more efficient the fan motor, the less stress on your entire system.

Stages of Heating: Different stages of heating allow your furnace to operate more efficiently. With multiple stages, a furnace is able to use less energy when only a small amount of heat is required to satisfy the indoor temperature set point.

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