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Whole House Fan Installation For Your Milpitas, CA Home

Moutain View Whole House Fan Installation
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In our climate in the Mountain View area of California, a whole house fan could be the answer to sufficiently cool your home for most of the year. With a whole house fan, you can save money while maintaining the comfort in your home during this cooling season.

This system of cooling is used as a substitute for an air conditioner. When combined with ceiling fans or other fans that circulate, you'll have summer comfort even in hot weather.

In addition, your central heating and cooling air ducts can be modified to provide whole house cooling in some cases.

When you have a San Jose whole house fan installed, the air is pulled in from open windows and exhausts it through the attic and roof areas. It not only provides good attic ventilation, but also cools the whole house down.

In technical terms, this system provides approximately 30-60 air changes per hour. The amount will vary with climate, your floor plan, and a number of other variables.

Your professional Milpitas whole house fan installation technicians at All Heating & Air Conditioning will determine your needs prior to installation. And the air change rate you choose will depend on the climate as well as how much you will depend on the system for cooling.

Installation of Whole House Fans

Your whole house fan will be professionally installed by licensed technicians who are fully qualified and experienced with whole house fan installations and repairs.

In some cases, your unit may not come with a tight sealing winter cover, so you should consider purchasing one if it does not. The cover will be hinged and when closed will form a tight seal so you can ensure the system is closed when you want to switch back to the air conditioning to cool your home.

Using Your Whole House Fan

When you operate a whole house fan, you're essentially using a large exhaust fan. That means if you don't open windows, you'll have a powerful and concentrated suction when you turn the unit on.

This can cause a vacuum pressure in the house that can be a problem if you use gas to fuel your furnace, water heater, or dryer because it will pull combustible byproducts like carbon monoxide into your living space. So always be sure your windows are open prior to using the fan.

The fan is simple to use and your installer will go over all the details with you on how to operate your particular unit.

Using Your Duct System As A Whole House Fan

In some cases you could be able to use the heating & air conditioning ducts as a whole house ventilator. If so, you would need an intake duct installed to pull air into an attic mounted system. This will pull the air into your heating and cooling ducts and is controlled via a damper. Our professional Mountain View HVAC technicians can evaluate your current system and advise you if this is possible for your home.

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If you are interested in learning more about Whole House Fan Installations in Milpitas, please call 408-892-6555, or fill out our online request form.

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