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Most Common Problems with a Saratoga Air Conditioner

saratoga air conditionersSaratoga air conditioners, like other heavy pieces of machinery, are prone to malfunctions. There are potentially hundreds of reasons why your air conditioner could be broken.  When you notice your air conditioner not working like it is suppose to, there is more than likely a problem with your unit.

The best way to fix your Saratoga air conditioner is to hire a professional HVAC contractor who has experience repairing all different types of AC units, but as a homeowner you can never be too informed about your house. Here are some of the most common problems to look for when an air conditioner malfunctions.

Condenser Isn’t Running

In an air conditioning unit, a condenser is used to condense the coolant from its gaseous state to a liquid state and cooling it. When the condenser isn’t running correctly, no part of your air conditioning unit will work correctly.  This can be a simple fix like a blown fuse, or it can be more complicated and require a completely new condenser.

Frozen AC Unit

There are several different problems that can cause your air conditioning unit to freeze. Improper airflow is one of the most common problems, which can prevent your air conditioner from working correctly. Regular maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor can help you avoid these problems.

If the cold air remains inside your air conditioning unit, the system will freeze. This will call disruption in your air flow and force your family to go without cool air. A HVAC contractor will change your filters, clean your air ducts and check your unit for any other signs of malfunctions. This will improve the air flow in your house and keep your air conditioner from freezing.

Air Conditioner Runs Constantly

There are several different issues that can cause your air conditioner to run constantly. If you have a larger home, your air conditioning unit might be too small to function correctly. An air conditioner needs to be properly sized for a home to adequately cool it.

Another reason an air conditioner might be constantly running is because the outside fan stays on while the inside system turns off. When an air conditioner is off track like this it is necessary to turn off the circuit breaker and reset the power.

Low refrigerant levels and faulty relay switches can also cause an air conditioner to continuously run. If you are having problems with your air conditioner staying in the on position constantly, consult a professional HVAC contractor.

Unit Runs but the House Stays Warm  

The most common problem with air conditioners is improper cooling. An air conditioner can be constantly running, but the house will remain the same temperature. In this case, the unit is not blowing out cold air.

This problem can be caused by a variety of different issues including a faulty compressor or a blocked condenser.  If your coolant level is unusually low, then your system will also suffer.

If your Saratoga air conditioner is suffering from any of these problems, your best bet is to call a professional HVAC contractor who has the proper experience and knowledge in repairing all types of units.

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